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We created an alternative for the inhumane CAPTCHA Tests. Brilliant & free to use on your own webservice.


Students do not always want to talk about the impact of technology. They do not want to think about what it means to be human in times of exponential technology. They want to code, create and built things.ceptcha.png

That is why we like to challenge them to code, create and built things that explore the relationship between humans and digital technology. The CEPTCHA - project is a perfect example.

After all, millions of people, every day have to prove to a robot that they are not a robot by doing ‘robot stuff’. They do a CAPTCHA. Selecting images with cars of traffic signs, typing blurry words or ticking a checkbox. And in doing so, they provide some interesting input for the technology companies.

CAPTCHAs are boring, derogatory, insulting and even inhumane.

We have unique human qualities. We can easily prove that we are human. So, why do we have to prove that we're not a robot? We need a better test. Give us a test that enables us to prove that we are human! Give us a CEPTCHA!

Students together with a company created the CEPTCHA. A test that asks you to find the right punchline for a joke. That's easy. At least for humans (and ChatGPT, unfortunately).

You can read everything on the CEPTCHA, try a demo, download the code or apply as a beta - user on

Do you have an idea for a project in which students can create, code or built something to explore our relationship with digital technology, let us know!

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