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Researching the impact of technology on society (as a researcher, lecturer, speaker, innovator, author, coach, mentor and ambassador)

Jo-An Kamp

Jo-An Kamp is a researcher Moral Design Strategy and a lecturer at Fontys ICT.

She coaches IT students in the fields of UX, research, (interactive) media, communication, (interaction) design, ethics and innovation. She researches the impact of technology on people and society. She is co-inventor of the Technology Impact Cycle Toolkit (, designed to make people think and make better decisions about (the implementation of) technology.

Jo-An has a background in Design (Eindhoven) and Communication Science (University of Twente) and work experience in IT. At Fontys, she was a member of the research group 'Smart thorn in the digital side' from 2019-2020. She has been a member of the research group Technophilosophy / TICT since 2018 and then joined the research group Moral Design Strategy. 

If you want to contact her or hear her speak, feel free to get in touch with Jo-An. You can use the form below.

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