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Teacher, DJ. Programme lead of responsible AI programmes within Fontys. AI & Society enthusiast!

Danny Bloks

Danny Bloks is a teacher and coach at Fontys University of ICT, where he is involved in various projects and initiatives related to Artificial Intelligence (AI). At Fontys he also initiated and coordinates the minor AI for Society, which aims to educate students on the technical, social and ethical aspects of AI.

Danny has a background in business and computer science, and has been working at Fontys since 2013. He is passionate about exploring new technologies and innovations, and has a special interest in the societal implications of these innovations. You can say he is both an AI enthusiast ánd a critic. He believes that AI has great potential to improve the quality of life and solve complex (societal) problems, but also poses significant challenges and risks for our society and its people. He advocates for a responsible and human-centric approach to AI development and implementation deployment, and encourages students and professionals to reflect on the impact and implications of their usage or development of AI.

Danny Bloks is an active member of the Fontys ICT community, and often participates in events and activities related to AI. He is also a frequent speaker and guest lecturer at various forums and institutions, where he shares his insights and experiences on AI topics. He is always eager to learn from others and exchange ideas with fellow AI enthusiasts and experts.

He is a dedicated and inspiring teacher, who strives to provide his students with the best possible learning experience. He is always open to feedback and suggestions, and welcomes new challenges and opportunities. He can be reached by using the form below.

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